Free Music definition

Free software has an official definition witten and revised by the Free Software Foundation. Any software that follow the four freedoms described in the definition can be considered free, where the word “free” stand for freedom. If you miss one or more freedoms listed in the definition the software is non-free!

Music it is often considered “free” simply because you don’t have to pay to download the music itself, but we think that this feature is not enough to call a song free. With the project John Option we set some rules that we follow in order to give to those who listen to our music the maximum freedom of use.

We decided to write our rules in a personal definition of free music.

Free music definition

A song can be considered free music if it complies with all these rules.

  1. The song can be played without any limit in any place and context
  2. You are able to know how the song was made by accessing to the recording’s tracks
  3. The song can be redistributed by anyone
  4. You can use any part of the song, including the recording’s tracks, to produce your own song, which have to follow this four rules

Free music