The cult of John Option


The music

The cult of John Option is our first album that collects all the singles that have come out few months ago. In the album you will find some new tracks and a remix of our first single “My monkey”.

The cult of John Option ©2016

  1. You fill my soul (2:10)
  2. Where is my car? (2:49)
  3. Any (3:48)
  4. My monkey (remix) (2:21)
  5. Sunday morning (2:04)
  6. She’s such a wave (2:29)
  7. You failed (2:49)
  8. I can’t stay (1:39)
  9. My monkey (2:08)
  10. Oh liar! (2:02)
  11. Foolish boy (2:34)
  12. Bike (2:16)


You can listen and download “The cult of John Option” from jamendo.


Word and music by John Option.
Backgroud texture of the cover by Lenabem-Anna J. published with
Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike.

The project

As for the singles all the tracks of the album are recorded only with free software. All the songs are published with a free license and for every song we provide the single recordings tracks and the Ardour project.

The source code of the music

Here you can find the single recording tracks and Ardour projects for every song of The cult of John Option

Video singles

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